$1 3D printer on Wish and Geek


Probably a scam, but worth the $ just for the entertainment…lol
They also had a thin laptop for free with paid shipping of $1.

I ordered 3 printers and 2 laptops for under $10.


Let me know what ya get! :smile:


Never heard of that place–I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!


Laptop turned out to be a wired mouse only…lol. Description was for a laptop and wireless mouse, but when you get to the bottom, package included part, it said 1x wired mouse…lol
Cancelled that order, but I’ll let y’all know what comes as the 3D printer…lol


Hell, a buck for a mouse doesn’t sound bad either. :smile:


huh…gotta say, I’ll take a risk on that. and Paypal to protect my bank account.


Haha. Awesome! do you have a link to the printers and laptop? I’d like to take a look!:grinning::+1:


The computer turned out to be just a cheap mouse, and do a search for 3D printer, you’ll see it if its still available. I found it on the geek app.


I think it may be like this one…

If I’m lucky…lol
Would be easy to cut one out of acrylic…ya know cause I have a laser and all…lol


Printers like this are usually much more trouble than they are worth. They have poor quality electronics, poor quality motors, no safety equipment, or worse, safety equipment that is faulty, but you will not be able to tell until the hot end catches fire. Having used 3D printers for four years and seen what the cheap ones are like, you couldn’t pay me to buy a printer like this.


Waiting to see what it turns out to be. Btw I have bought a couple of things from Wish, it’s a toss up but I haven’t had a bad experience so far.


Wish App! Like this! When you order a women’s shirt for $1 /// but really it fits your cat…



I went to check this out… I highly doubt that the laptop is a LAPTOP, but I ordered one, too. Along with a 3D printer. Everything says it’s supposed to arrive by May 1. So hopefully the 3D printer is legit. But we shall find out…


I’m thinking it may just be this…company name is a bit silly too…


I’m guessing it is instructions and a parts list.


Yes, I’m guessing it will most likely involve a lot of things needing to be assembled and a lot of DYI and things not working properly. I’m mentally prepared for it.


Really, don’t Google that company name… It is most certainly NSFW.


yeah, no. It’s a maybe 3m length of yellow filament.


I received blue. Neener neener


So did anyone order a mouse? :smile: