1/4" Baltic birch plywood not cutting through

I am trying multiple times unsuccessfully to get a cut all the way through on 1/4 Baltic birch plywood. I bought a good grade from woodpeckers and their 1/8 is great. So frustrating.
I am fairly new to this community so any help would be so amazing. I tried the settings someone posted and it helped but still the issue. I see where some have said to lower the focus. Can anyone provide settings they have been successful with and tell me specifically how to lower the focus.
Thank you so much for your time and any responses.

Since this is a problem with non Proofgrade material, I am going to move this out of the Problems and Support Category as this really isn’t a machine problem.

Materials vary widely from different suppliers, and with any new material, tests will have to be conducted to find optimal settings. As for lowering the focus, you can choose manual settings for the height and adjust as you wish. Select the operation in the interface and toggle the height button to manual. Then input a height setting.

Search Beyond the Manual section for specific settings for 1/4" baltic birch. That is the only section of the forum where it is allowable to discuss non Proofgrade settings.


Lowering the focus won’t really help. I use 3 passes to get through 1/4" BB, to avoid overburning the edges, and cut at 170/full on my Basic.

I highly recommend using @evansd2’s test strip (see item #6) to dial in your own settings, though, since there’s no guarantee we’re using the exact same BB. :slight_smile:


I’ve never bothered changing the focus for 1/4” - just two, sometimes three passes of PG Med Maple settings. (Good quality BB from a local lumber yard.)


I do Baltic Birch, you have to go slow and do two or three passes.

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This always worked fine on my Pro. If you’re on a Plus or Basic, you’d need to go slower.


Thank you!