1/4 Columbia Forest from HD

I got some 1/4" Columbia Forest from HD measures 0.21" and it cuts like butter using thick plywood settings! Here’s walnut, mahogany and red oak


These look great. I use the Columbia Forest stuff quite a lot. It does cut well!


I like the Red Oak the best. I don’t mind seeing the grain, but in the other two I think it shows a little too much for my taste. But it does look like it all cut beautifully!


Those look great. I use the Columbia plys a lot and they really work out great.


Nice! I had such problems with getting consistent cuts on their mahogany that I vowed never to order it again, but maybe I just got a bad batch? I definitely have had way better luck with their maple and cherry.

Good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I love these. Are they available in the GF catalog? I just got my Home Depot order in and have the Columbia Forest 1/4" Mahogany Purebond Plywood and the Purebond Walnut Plywood is 5/32 Would you mind sharing your settings for this cut.

Settings are not allowed to be posted in this section. They can be posted in the Beyond the Manual category.

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Love your designs! And I love the Columbia Forest wood from HD!

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