1/4” hardwood

I have a client whi specifically wants 1/4” solid wood - NO plywood. Proofgrade doesn’t make it and Inventables has only 1/16, 1/8, and 1/2 (and larger).

Anyone know of a source?

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ocoochhardwoods.com “the” source for non-proofgrade hardwood sheets, 1/16" to 3/4" thickness, 4" to 12" widths, 24 species, also great source for baltic birch plywood cut to 12"x12" or 12"x24" at good prices, fast delivery
www.dndhardwoodsonline.com This is another go-to for thin hardwoods, domestic and exotic
woodchuckswood.com mostly domestic hardwoods

Green valley wood products. Good prices, wide selection. Http://Gvwp.net


Menards carries red oak and poplar in 1/4" thickness and various widths and lengths. They may carry some others depending on the store. For some reason they carry more hobby woods than Home Depot. I don’t know about Lowes. If you don’t care about cost Rockler carries a few more species. You may be able to find a local sawmill or lumber yard that caters to the woodworking crowd and they’ll resaw what you need. Or you can order online from the sources shollg listed.

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If you’re near this, Cross Cut Hardwoods in Seattle is amazing!

One trick with their site. If you want to search for 1/8" thick material, you need to search for “1/8” with the quotes. Otherwise, you get everything with a 1 or an 8 in the product title.

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I have to say ocooch hardwoods is one of my absolute favorite places to get wood that is basically finished and just needs a light sand and coat of oil

Ocooch’s Shipping seems a bit outrageous.

Ocooch shipping scales well. Buy one piece, yeah it’s a lot. Buy 2? Just about half as outrageous. Buy ten? Starts to look really good.


I agree that the shipping at Ocooch seems high (especially compared to Proofgrade free shipping at $100) but I realized that I would be paying less for a 24 inch board then a PG 12 inch, so that more than offset the shipping - if it’s a bulk-ish order.

I am waiting to get the deposit for a very large order of Christmas ornaments, but I’m going to try this new supplier and see how it looks compared to our Friendly neighborhood Proofgrade.

not that it should bump the cost up that much, but keep in mind there’s a difference in what you’re getting. PG includes a finish and masking. you may or may not want either of those, but if you want both, it will cost you time and a very small amount of money to finish the wood and apply masking to both sides. in bulk, that time can add up.

i don’t buy hardwood from GF beyond what i got originally, but it’s important to compare apples to apples as best you can.


True, but if you bought wide masking, it’s like 3 minutes to mask. and as noted above, Ocooch products are pretty ready to go.

I have purchased 1/4” “hobby boards” from Home Depot, I have seen alder, poplar, oak, and walnut there. Not sure if they have other stuff.

They also have a few different things at rockler

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I’ve got it to Canada and it seems reasonable. I usually order fairly big so I can do a bunch of stuff at once before needing my next order. Usually my first 2-3 sales pay for my next 200-300 dollar order