1/4" PG Black Acrylic

Good Morning! The Glowforge Store has been out of 1/4" Black Acrylic in the 12x20 size we need. Does anyone have a good supplier that doesn’t charge an arm and leg in shipping for 1/4" Black Acrylic 12x20 Sheets? I know JP introduced their Hobby boards that size but they are in 1/8" only.

We live near ST. Louis and haven’t had much luck with the local Plastics/Materials shops nearby. I would rather not buy bigger sheets and have to “cut” them down to fit into my Forge.

If anyone has a good supplier or any leads, just let me know.

Thank you kindly in advance!

There has been quite a bit of discussion of acrylic sources previously in the forum – here’s a search to get you started:


estreetplastics FTW


second vote for estreetplastics.com

I order from them and their 1/4" black acrylic runs great on proofgrade settings… plus you get an extra 4" of material at no cost. :smiley: (12"x24")


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