1/4" thick industrial Felt

Anyone ever cut 1/4" industrial felt like this? HERE 85% wool but supposedly all natural.

Just gearing up to make some gift for the season looking for praxis.

Cheers and best.

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there are a number of felt posts, including at least one with industrial felt.

here’s one. you can find more if you search on felt or even industrial felt.


I have cut 100% wool felt (not 1/4") with tips I gleaned from the forum. Cuts pretty well, but smells kinda bad.

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It’s really nice on the bottom of coasters but…Smells really bad. Every time I cut it…I say, “Never again”.

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I’ve cut something similar (industrial felt). It does cut super clean. I used it to replace the wipers on the ways on my mill.


Unsurprisingly, it smells like burnt hair.