1/8" acrylic not cutting

I just got done cutting a piece of non-proofgrade 1/8" frosted acrylic with no issue, using the clear acrylic setting. Immediately after, I put in a piece of pastel blue, 1/8" acrylic on the medium blue setting and it will not cut through. I have tried several times, made sure it was set to full power, and even slowed the speed, but the only thing that did was melt the acrylic. I have tried the medium black acrylic setting, restarted my machine…still no luck. What should I do?

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Make sure all of your optics are clean. Make sure you are using the set focus tool. Make sure that the material is held flat to the honeycomb tray.


I have done all of those things.

Try cutting Proofgrade acrylic on Proofgrade settings, or manually adjust the speed a bit. If it is melting, the Glowforge is obviously generating cutting power.


What settings should I adjust? Power is already at 100% and slowing the speed makes it worse.

We can’t discuss settings for non Proofgrade material except in the Beyond the Manual section. I will move this.

Slow the speed by 10 and try.


My glowforge didn’t cut on the right half of the cutting area.

Not sure if this is the case, but just to discard the possibility, are both cuts placed in the same location?

I would recommend pinning the material down and then doing a test cut with a small shape. If the material is not lying totally flat, it could possibly be causing problems.


This pretty much only happens when there is dirt/fingerprints/etc. on your optics - specifically the window under the left edge. Take pictures of all your optics and post them here - I’m bettin’ you (or we) will see something.

The issue has been solved. I noticed that the cut, although not deep enough, was much wider than normal and torching only one side of the cut line. I decided to recheck the lens and when I moved the housing, the lens actually fell out. I guess I didn’t secure it in place when I last cleaned it. Once it was placed correctly I tried cutting again and it was perfect.


Glad your’s working fine now!!

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Well, I cleaned everything but didn’t fixed the problem. They said it is a known problem (although low occurrence, they said), and shipped a replacement.


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