1/8” Carbon Fiber

Hello there! My dad is wanting me to engrave/score/cut some carbon fiber for him for his boat but I wanted to see if this is something that I can do!

It’s 1/8” carbon fiber, it has a shiny coating and I have attached a picture of the carbon fiber that he is wanting me to use.

Does anyone know if the Glowforge can do this? Can it at least score/engrave it? Or can it do it all? PLEASE someone let me know if this can be done!

carbon fiber is generally the fibers encased in resin… so I think you should be ok, but you should make sure there’s no pvc in it before you do anything.

Odds are it won’t do much at all. The GF can’t cut or burn the Carbon Fibers, all it can do is cook off the adhesive. So if the surface of the CF is shiny, you might end up seeing a ghost-like image after engraving. But you’re not going to be able to cut any depth like a normal engrave would.

Also, you have to be careful with things you put in the GF. The adhesives can be made from chemicals that breakdown in to highly toxic or corrosive gasses. Low odds of this for Carbon Fiber, but not zero odds.

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Most resins, the stuff holding the carbon fibers together, are considered toxic to laser cut. Unless you can be very certain of the MSDS on that piece I’d avoid.

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