$1 store party favor bags with a GF enhancement

Here you go…


pretty similar, the cherry bounce is probably even simpler for process. no slow roasting, no macerating.

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Lots of these things and FOOD




You are going to love what you can do with paper! :sunglasses:


Oh, and I just discovered two-sided card stock. With very careful manipulation of power you can get not only the bleaching but some version of the rear-side color:


Now that is very cool!

That’s cool, I have some that’s gold and silver. Mind sharing your settings?

yep. it really depends on the actual duplex cardstock and which color is on the backside.

there are a lot of them out there, but it’s not always easy to get small quantities of them.

a good potential source for smaller quantities is http://glodan.com/. they carry neenah, which has a number of duplex cover stock paper anywhere from 80# to 130#.

for example, neenah columns comes in a few duplex styles.


i’ve used the red pepper/solar white as the backing for complex reindeer ornaments. i will cut the reindeer from red acrylic, then cut the same outer shape from the red/white, and glue the white side to the acrylic so it looks red on the outside, but you can see the white through the reindeer cutout. or with wood (like below), the red inside the reindeer and the white backing. you can also see some reverse cutouts with the same paper with the simple reindeer heads on this photo.



Wow. Those are really cool!

@cchhun: Those are the power numbers scrawled under the boxes. 1000 speed, 270 lpi. I told it material thickness was 0.01. And this is the cheapo “Astrobrights” cardstock from staples – we were there getting school supplies and, er, um…