$1 store party favor bags with a GF enhancement

My wife’s brother is having a Red egg and ginger party fr their 3 month old. Her sister was looking at bags from the dollar store and online. I couldn’t pass up a chance to put the GF to good use so I offered to engrave the bags.

Picked up some pink paper bags from the dollar store and started experimenting.
It took a lot less power than I thought it needed.

The bags are 9.5" by 4.5". I used 1000 zoom, 10 pew pew, 170 lpi defocused with a height set to 0.05".
First time doing an engrave with the GF so I learned a lot about illustrator’s compound path and engraving settings.

I’m very happy with the detail the GF can generate.


Looks great! Congratulations to your brother in law and family! :grinning:


Whoa, it blasted the color off of the paper - that’s rad!


Wow, came out great? And, to enlighten my ignorance, what is an egg and ginger party?


Wife thanks you.
She uses various colors of these bags for items to deliver and she does not have to write on them now.

Now I get to write on them. (it’s a trap).


It’s a celebration for the new born and also a chance to introduce the bays to family and friends in the Chinese culture. It usually done at one month or 100 days. Red eggs represent unity and luck while the ginger is to bring the mother’s body back into balance. :grin:


Thanks for the explanation!

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I did not know that this could be done. You learn something new every day. :+1::+1:

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I am definitely going to have to look into some of these.


Really cute! Great for party favors!

Nice work! Paper has become one of my favorite materials.

10 power is the setting I use to make custom cards from colored cardstock. The darker colors tend to show more contrast. I’m all done with Hallmark.

My Wife made a cherry cordial from an old recipe and needed labels for them.

A little spray adhesive, and done.


Her cordial is real pretty. I bet it is good too. :grin:

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ohhhh now I want to try some. that looks delicious!


It’s dangerous, you can hardly taste the booze.


ooooo that is dangerous, and delicious!


Oooh…those sound like they’d be so good. I love cherry and it’s a nice change from homemade kahlua or others similar. Nice job with the labels. And sorry, but I don’t get what a 10% setting means exactly. 10?

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if you want to keep it simple, you could make Amarene Sotto Spiroto (italian boozy cherries). It takes a while (3+ months), but it’s pretty minimal work.


Sorry, I tend to think of power in %.

Yes, this took like 40 days of soaking pie cherries in the liquor. afterwards the cherries can be used on ice cream for example - or substituting for a plugged watermelon at the game!
Thanks for the link!

i’m guessing there is probably some similarity in the recipes. i’d be curious to hear how close they are. i made this once and it was a huge hit. it makes a great supplement to a lot of different drinks.

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