10,000 hours tube life, but what about everything else?

Out of everything I’m more concerned that it’s been over a month and they are still holding his money hostage. Has this really gone unresolved this long?

edit: It may be worth contacting PayPal about this. Companies tend to respond when their payment processor threatens them.

While I fully agree that GF should supply some information as to what was done, did he really just send a ‘blank check’ amount that GF filled in and took out of his PayPal account?

I was under the impression GF sent an invoice for a solid known dollar amount, this amount was not questioned at the time and paid knowing the amount being sent to GF. I see the frustration in this but what can PayPal threaten GF with?


Having a company dispute a charge on your behalf can usually help speed up the process of getting an invoice. Which I know PayPal can do, they are also known to be a huge pain if you annoy them enough or violate any of their TOS and may freeze your accounts.

Regardless, neither your comment nor this one help at all with the situation. I noticed that it had been what I would consider an unreasonable amount of time without a response and suggested a known solution to speed up finding an answer.

@metaldrummer13, I’m sorry for the failure. I’ve taken the feedback from this thread.

No, there is not.

Our repairs are done in a separate facility by another company with training, parts, and support from our team. The repair facility categorizes problems and charges based on the problem category. I don’t have the actual modifications and/or parts that were done for your repair.

I really appreciate your feedback on this and I’m going to share it with the team to see what more we can do.