10 cent labyrinth



I watched this video over the weekend, and thought this would be a great project for the glowforge.


2x2 with 20 layers… must start planning now! (btw… I love mazes)

EDIT: wait… gotta make it a cube. make that 190 layers!


Love it! Adding it to the to-do list.


Your 190 layer one would probably still be a challenge in clear plastic, but look amazing.


The more I read the forum, the more materials I need to order. I can afford the machine but this forum is going to bankrupt me.

Is there an emoticon for fist shaking?


:fist: Almost. :cold_sweat:

Clear acrylic would be very interesting. And add so much to the frustration level.


Like the idea and the acrylic idea too. Mine will be with various colors of transparent acrylic. I don’t think I can afford 190 layers though…


I could see making one about the size of an iPad. I would make one side plexi so you could get an idea of your progress, but leave the other layers hidden to keep it challenging.


Designing a true labyrinth? Sound plan