10 Free Files Including 26 Easter Tags ❤️

Hi everyone. I know I’m not active on the forum much, but we have been an avid Glowforge user since 2020. You might know me from YouTube as 85th & Pine.

Anyway, I recently made these 10 files (see attached picture), and wanted to give them to the great people here in the community. They are all designed to fit on the Glowforge (even 18" door signs).

All that I ask is that you don’t resell my files as your own.

If you are looking for a last minute Easter idea, I do have 26 Easter basket tags to choose from included in the files.

10 Free Files

Happy printing!


So… You have to sign up for marketing emails to receive files. Not what this category is about…


Im not sure how to deliver them to everyone. Thought an instant download would be the best. Understand if that’s not what you wanted. You can always unsubscribe right after you get them. No hard feelings lol.

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simplest method would be uploading the files here (which is what most people do and what the intention of this section is). or provide direct download links on your site that don’t require subscribing. creating the subscription and sending an email seems like more work rather than less.


don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that you’re willing to share files. but asking people to subscribe to emails feels like farming for new emails rather than giving away free files.


Yes, exactly.


Oh dear,

This is an ad for yourself rather than something you’re sharing with the glowforge community. You can fix that by removing your link and directly uploading the files here.

This is your chance to join us rather than bug us. Come on over here!



Not to seem ungrateful, but this category is not for free with purchase or free with sign up. The category is free. It was a generous offer, but if you don’t want to share the files here, simply remove your post.


Moved to every thing else since it doesn’t meet the requirements of the first post.

Should have file attached.