10 Layer Bathymetric Map made with a Mira 9

Posting this in everything else since it was not done on a Glowforge, but hey, it does use Proofgrade materials and like to share my projects! Since I have multiple lasers in my shop, I thought I’d post a few comments on this project using the Mira 9 compared to using my Glowforge in case anyone is interested.

This is the first map I’ve done on the Mira 9, and hope to make a 24"x36" layered map someday. One positive is being able to maximize material. I do have a lot of 12"x20" sheets. Normally my Glowforge-made maps were limited to a height of ~10.86" with the design flipped landscape, assuming I didn’t want to use pro pass through. With the Mira 9’s larger bed, I’m able to stretch the width of this map to 11.6", so almost edge to edge on a piece of proofgrade. You could go bigger if you created a jig, but I didn’t want to monkey around trying to get closer to 12". The middle layers were painted 1/16" mdf, but the top layer, bottom layer, and frame were :proofgrade: plywood. The Mira 9 is also quite a bit faster than the :glowforge:, but I’m never really in a big hurry.

I’m always happy to answer any questions on the Mira 9, or comparisons with my other lasers!

Timelapse for instagram


Beautifully done!

Is the interface on the Mira just as point-and-click as the :glowforge: ? I feel like I’m spoiled for ease of use now!

Sentences like “configuring the Red Dot Pointer, establishing the chiller, and performing cleaning and maintenance tasks.” steer me away as 2/3rds of it might as well be Greek!


No, it uses Lightburn, which is by itself a full application that can create files, but I still do all my file creation in Illustrator, and import into lightburn for printing. Although not as plug and play, It’s very easy, but also has a lot of settings that can be tweaked. For repeatable jobs, you just press start, and don’t have to re-upload each time like on Glowforge. I use the same computer with Lightburn for both the Mira 9 and EMP fiber laser, so it’s nice the interface is the same for both.


Wow this turned out nice!


It’s beautiful … and so is that bed size.


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