10% off at Tandy Leather

Hi Forgers,

One of the things I excited about getting to try is leather. I just got a coupon offer from instructables for 10% off my first order. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/instructables-offer-code.html

My first project will be a cover for my field notes notebook. Leather travel wallet

I asking anyone with experience with leather, what do I need? Needles, thread, and leather?

Anyone care to make a starter kit for a new to leather and soon to be laser owner? Maybe others might be interested in a $25, $50, or $100 package? The offer expires September 10th.


You may also want to check out their outlet store here. They send out a newsletter weekly (I think) and some of the deals are pretty good. I bought a box of veg tanned leather remnants for about $20-$25 shipped a couple of months ago.


@morganstanfield - aka the “leather Woman” would be my go-to for advice.

For your first project just pick up some harness needles for hand stitching and some waxed thread. Tandy is okay to shop at when you’re a beginner. I don’t buy my leather from them though as it’s expensive for what you get and I don’t think their quality is all that great.

If you really want to dive into leatherworking I encourage you to go on http://leatherworker.net, a great leatherworking forum. TONS more useful info than I can give here.

I’m not convinced a laser is the greatest tool for cutting out parts yet. I worry about the edges burning and becoming unworkable for dyes and finishes. I plan on using mine to enhance tooling and making embossing plates.

Also, check out my work: https://blackthornleather.com/


Nice work! I don’t think you will have any competition from me.

Here is a basic set… https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/basic-handstitching-set

or would you suggest just buying the needles and thread?

Ha ha. I just looked for harness needles on Amazon, Tandy’s own needles are cheaper there!

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@Andy_Mock’s advice is all good. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different kinds of leather and ways of working with it. For a notebook cover, vegetable tanned is great (and if you’re lasering, it’s necessary). How you sew it will depend on the thickness. I sew thin leathers on my not-expensive Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine, but thicker leathers should be punched and sewn by hand. Starting with a kit that includes everything is a great way to start, because it will typically have instructions for taking you through the whole process, so you can improvise properly in the future.


So do you think the GF will be able to do the “punching” on some of the thicker leather?

That’s not a bad starter kit. You’d definitely use the stitch groover to make perfectly straight stitches. The wheel probably not. I use something similar to this: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/diamond-hole-chisel-set when I hand sew. I have a Juki cylinder arm leather machine for other times.


By the way, waxed thread is a lot less expensive outside of Tandy too!


Thick vegetable tan leather works really well on a GF.


Will there be Proofgrade leather?

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