100 game challenge board

I was really excited when a local family of 4 and board game company contacted me to make them a 100 game challenge board. How it works is the family will play 33 different games 3 times each and 1 game once for a total of 100 games played. All the while they will be tracking who won each game with their favorite color meeple cut from acrylic.

The backing is draftboard, the front is walnut with Basswood inlays and it’s framed with a simple pine edging. I can’t wait to see this hanging in there YouTube videos to see who’s winning the most games!

A lot of board gamers also do what’s called a 10x10 challenge that I’m thinking of doing soon. In that variation you play 10 different games 10 times each.


Cool idea.


I am learning so much from the forum. Your challenge board is lovely.


What a neat idea!

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Can I ask if I can get a link to buy the design? My post master has 6 kids and the are always playing games

the tough part for me is actually knowing only ONE of the games on there “RISK”.




I’ve been meaning to get into selling files so yes, let me look into this and I will be sure to let you know when I have it up!

I absolutely LOVE this idea. So much that I had to make one for my family.

Mine isn’t as ambitious - only 50 games - but I made the game names removable so we can add/remove games once completed.


I really like the customizable version!

I feel like I need one of these for our game nights now!!

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love this! well done, thank you very much for sharing!!

Really neat idea. Back in the day we just used a white board, but this is SOOO much more fun.