102 S-hooks in 35 minutes

I created this design to help you make as many, as fast, and as economical as possible.
this file will cut

102 Double
7 Child
1 Extra large

from 1 sheet in about 35 minutes.

s hooks 102-7-1


Nicely done!

Thank you so much - this file cuts beautifully in 25:47 min on a Pro using Med PG Acrylic settings. (1/8" no name non PG acrylic used)

Nice nesting!

The 20x11 in the file code in your post is the display size of the image. If you tack a couple of zeros on the ends of each of those numbers, it will display in a size that people can see more easily. :slight_smile:

Thank you

its not showing anything that i can see anyway

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It’s right here:

this is all I’m seeing sorry maybe I’

m over looking what you telling me to look at

My screen shows the same way. Use the drop-down arrow just below the post and the link for the file will appear. Opens beautifully.


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I fixed it. sorry about that.

I fixed it. Sorry about that.

No worries just didn’t know if I was missing anything lol. Ty for your contribution

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WHOA, I never knew about that! Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

Hi just purchased my glowforge. They are cut from acrylic correct. Where can I get it? What thickness etc. I would love to donate some but don’t know where to start.

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Any of the medium 1/8in from glowforge

So who’s found it without cutting the file? :rofl: Took me a min before it dawned on me the most logical places.

The sample pack should have a sheet of 1/8" PG acrylic.

Unfortunately, my sample pack has thick acrylic 1/4", not 1/8". THANK YOU Stay safe.

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Ah, sorry about that, it’s changed since I’ve ordered.

25! Nice

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