12 days of Christmas

This has been such a crappy year that I thought it would be nice to do something different to cheer each other up and show some love. So I suggested to my wife and daughter that we start a new tradition of 12 Days of Christmas. Each of us procures/makes 12 things for the other two, and starting on the 12th, we will each open one per day and then the big hall comes on the 25th. So I am making a few things and though they are not fancy or complicated, i am pretty sure they will like them

in another thread I asked if plastic was ok to laser. Turns out it was. the first pic is the way I made these with a drill press. Too much heat and the plastic melted, could do them in bulk or the melted together. the second pic is after they were laserd out and boy was it faster.

My daughter loves Tinkerbell even as an adult, so i found a silhouette of Tinkerbell and cut out a clear xmas decoration for her.

I may go back and laser text on it, Merry Christmas 2020.

And then from the catalog I made the stamp dispenser. She has a small round holder with a top she holds on with a rubber band so we will see how this goes.

I am hoping to make a few other things, like a puzzle of us in Ireland, some canvas photos (layered) of the two dogs, some earrings and who knows what else. But i better get in gear because i only have 11+ days to go!


Iā€™m sorry if this is a silly question, but what are the signs with all the holes in for?


Sorry, I explained that in a separate post. My wife does cross-stitching and there are many multiple color threads involved. She wanted something light weight and portable.


Sounds like a lot of fun! From the heart is always nicer.

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