12 days

Yeah in no way trying to belittle what is clearly real anxiety over the international situation. Just didn’t know how to get across the impact of delivering damaged machines any better.


A crate would not help much because they are not being damaged by things destrying the box, they are damaged by shock. A crate won’t absorb much shock. You would be better with a bigger box and more foam but that will increase the already eye watering shipping cost.

They can’t ship international until they get the NRTL approvals and they don’t have those today.


HI Palmercr,
The crate has to be over sized like this:
Its 126 USD in volume support the glow forge in the middle and surround with packing peanuts its on a pallet so no “handling” less damage. Certifications are a completely different story. Personally I would ship the unit with out the head and then ship the head separately. The unit would then be a CNC and the head would be the laser. If the customer completes “assembly” then what certification. :wink:
oh yeah this is something you will have to do when the laser goes and you need a new one anyway.

You mean remove the laser tube, rather than the head, don’t you?
Canada, at least, would still classify the head removal as a laser-based material removal tool.
You’d have to remove the ‘engine’ of the machine (ie the laser tube).

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oops yeah that’s why I said you would have to do it eventually anyway.

Day 0 and no flood of emails. In fact the opposite. The last mention of receiving an email was a week ago. I have my own graph of emails received that includes any mention in the forum as well and those on the spreadsheet. This is the first time it has flat lined. Even during the pause for new packaging there were a few emails.


Dan says there are no delays but I see nothing that points to the campaign orders all being shipped in the next six weeks.

NY Makerfaire is next week. Perhaps if you had some good news you’d sit on it until the show or shortly before. If you had several good announcements, you’d stack them up so that there would be something to announce every day for several days.

And if there is any bad news in the offing, perhaps it should wait until the day after Makerfaire. But maybe this time, only good news. For example, good news, we’re now shipping day 2 pros and we’re still on track to ship all pre-orders by October. (Where shipping = initiate the shipping process by asking the recipient to accept current feature list and provide their address. Yes, yes, some were hoping delivered into hands by October, but that was never official.)


Very annoying that news is held back existing customers to make a splash at a NYMF but that is what happened at BAMF although it turned out to be a lie.

Yes that is what I expect.

Dan has said several times that the aim is have them at least dispatched by the end of October, not just the emails. If they fall back to the weasel definition of shipping that puts the end of all pre-orders into the middle of Jan. It still requires a dispatch rate far in excess of anything we have seen so far but is more believable. To send all the rest of the 30 day emails in the next six weeks just doesn’t seem credible as that is the bulk.

My experience in shipping…I received my email for shipment on August 31st.
Excluding the air filter, there are 3 boxes to ship:
Accessories (crumb tray, exhaust hose, etc)
Proofgrade Materials

I received my proofgrade materials on the 11th

Its half way (3 weeks) from the 6 week period, so I am hoping of course it will be sooner rather than later.