12 days

I don’t know if the emails are still saying up to 6 weeks, but if so, in 12 days there will be 6 weeks left before the end of October. :crossed_fingers:


they still say 6 weeks but it seems like time between the Golden Email and the Shipped Email is about 2 weeks now.

Super exciting!


I tried to find that story about how Richard Feynman would tell people what time it is, but my search engine skills are lacking.


Ha! You’ve piqued my interest! Would love to read it if you find it =)

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This one?



Does anybody think they will hit the schedule even for US orders?


Does anyone think people would stop complaining even if they did? :joy:


I’m definitely rooting for them to


Well I would love them too but I have lost all faith in it actually happening. Add another three months at least.

Yikes! In the context of pre-orders, this is a positive. Yay.

But as a mask maker (who is not feeling as prepared as I’d like for the season ahead) reading that almost gave me a panic attack.


It’s like Schrodinger’s GlowForge, in this quantum state it is both delivered on time and delayed, don’t nobody check in on my Pro because you might shift its quantum state to “late” … :nerd: :smirk_cat: :joy_cat:


I was thinking of this anecdote:

[Feynman] received a pocket watch from his father. He wore it proudly, and his friends began to needle him; they asked the time at every opportunity, until he began responding, with a glance at the watch: “Well, four hours and twenty minutes ago it was twelve before noon,” or “In three hours and forty-nine minutes it will be two seventeen.” Few caught on. He was doing no arithmetic at all. Rather, he had designed a simple parlor trick in the spirit of gauge theories to come. Each morning he would turn his watch to a fixed offset from the true time—three hours and forty-nine minutes fast one day; the next day four hours and twenty minutes slow. He had only to remember one number and read the other directly from the watch.

So, “in 12 days there will be 6 weeks left before the end of October” seems very much in the spirit of this way of thinking.


I think there’s a possibility that they’ll “ship” (in GF terms) all the US orders of Basics on time. Deliver them? No way. But send the emails? Maybe.

It’s looking unlikely to me that Pros will catch up with Basics.

And I have serious doubts as to whether they will even begin shipping internationally by then.


@dan promised that International orders (Including Malta) would be shipped by the end of October!

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That doesn’t sound like Dan. Planning to deliver, working to deliver maybe. Promising? Never.

“understand and will miss you here! We’ll keep working to get you your Pro just as soon as possible. I hope you’ll be the first Maltese Glowforge owner soon.”


Well, I took it as a promise!


With the quoted concerns over production & delivery malfunctions i would be surprised if they ship internationally purely because they cannot afford for anything to go wrong at the levels they seem to have modeled.
It might not be a matter of production any more, they might be able to hit their targets… but their biggest hurdle could be production/delivery reliability


There are some that seem to be demanding international shipments now. Given the frequent damaged deliveries it’s pretty easy to see why that might be one reason all shipments have been domestic so far. Wonder if anyone would agree to paying the two-way return shipping if the unit arrives non-functional? Probably not. Of course that in no way excuses the ever fluid schedule.


Unfortunately this is always the case when a new product comes close to delivery date.

There are some of us who have been lurking/active on the forums for years - we have seen the ups and downs and know as much about the delays as anyone outside of Glowforge HQ can.

On the other hand there are others who are suddenly popping up out of the blue who have not been watching the forums. They want their machines (and i don’t blame them) but do not have the breadth of vision that comes from reading/partaking in the threads/discussions.
As you say, they want their machines now and are sick of waiting.

Also to Internationals, who are generally used to more robust discussions about things the 'i’m sorry… " speech doesn’t work, many of us see it as shallow.

On the other hand, i GENUINELY feel for Dan and the Crew because it seems the production/delivery errors are WAY out of reasonable expectation, and possibly/probably also out of their hands.

Well there is no way that would be legal or even a sane thing to do. But your point is nonetheless clear… as things stand i do not believe Glowforge can take the risk to ship internationally until their unit success rate reaches levels they can be confident in.
Would i be cheesed… you bet
Would i be even more cheesed if my unit arrived and it was a full- or semi-brick - you bet x10


Makes one wonder why they don’t offer a crated version of shipping for international. I know if would cost more but there may be some who would be willing to add to the shipping cost to get a crate and quicker shipping. Just a thought