12" Vinyl Roll Organizer

I designed this to make sense of my ever-growing vinyl roll collection. The roll organizers I’ve seen in stores cost between $20-$100. That’s nonsense. I made this out of Dollar Tree 1/8" foam core for $4. I don’t know if this will work with acrylic or wood.

Bonus: You get a bunch of 2" circles that you probably won’t ever use for anything, but you keep them anyway because you’re afraid that you might need them one day.

The dimensions of this thing are 18"x10"x10" ish.

My foam core settings: 230/60/1

Vinyl Roll holder all
Vinyl Roll holder Face
Vinyl Roll holder inside x3
Vinyl Roll holder Rear
Vinyl Roll holder Sides x2


Nice. What’s your go-to vinyl cutter tool?


I use a Cameo 4. I had a Cricut Maker for a long time. When it was time to upgrade, it didn’t make sense to stay with Cricut when Silhouette makes a cheaper, more feature-packed product (They paid me to say that). I had a large-scale vinyl plotter for a while, but it’s hard to justify the space requirement as a hobbyist.


Thank you. This is a very practical, economical cut.


I have a cricut air from way back, I haven’t looked at the cameo vesus the cricut in a while, I almost never use it these days… the laser is so convenient, it’s a shame that vinyl is dangerous to laser.

I’ve looked at non-pvc “vinyls” and found it was hard to source them reliably. I worry that someone will say “yeah no pvc in this” but in reality they’re selling the usual pvc stuff. Probably wise to stick with your cameo.


This looks great. Thanks for the share. I definitely need to make this for my abundant vinyl!


Very nice share! Thank you!

I bought sheets in 12” x 24” and bought a large portfolio for storage. Was looking at some rolls, and thought I’d have to do something about storage first. Thank you for working that out for me!


I was just staring at my collection of 2" circles yesterday and wondering how it got to this point.


I am feeling this. I would put them right next to my massive collection of various sizes of letters and squares that have accumulated over the years.


Thank you for the generous share! I recently got a Cameo but don’t use it as much as I ought. I’m amazed at the software capability though.

Give Stahl’s a try. They are pretty reliable.


My wife has a few CRICUIT machines and has been at it for a couple of years. To say I have piles of vinyl rolls laying around is an understatement. This is going to be very helpful. THanks.

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