15% Discount is Just and Fair

Want to make it right Glowforge? Invest in the people who Invested in you… a 15% Discount is not only fair and just, but also send a message to those who continue to support you that you ACTUALLY CARE!

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I will continue to support them without a 15% discount.


In the words of Samuel L Jackson (Jules) in response Vincent’s (Travolta) BACON preference … “Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but I wouldn’t know cause I would never eat the mofo.”

I’m afraid I don’t understand the reference in relation to discounts.


The things Dan outlined in the email are excellent. This company has demonstrated more customer responsiveness than just about any other company I can imagine. I am so OK with this delay – just make it that much more exciting :slight_smile:


While yes, a discount would be nice, they have already gone above and beyond to make up for it (with materials and design bonuses). I have backed a TON of kickstarters and most of them were delayed and none of them did any kind of bonus. I’m grateful for what they’ve done already. :slight_smile:


First of all, you are not an investor. You merely got a discount on a preorder. You have no risk in this venture since you have the ability to cancel at anytime.


Since when does a manufacturer need to give any discounts (as a percentage of purchase cost) because someone demands it? If that manufacturer was not providing FULL refunds for products that have or haven’t shipped and was trying to recover its reputation, then the manufacturer would need to find a way to bring back customers.

It is your money and you are free to use as you see fit. Get a refund or wait it out.

Because you think it is “Just and Fair” to get $600 to $1800 off to prove that they “ACTUALLY CARE”, does not make it Just and Fair.

Without knowing what the manufacturing costs, office costs, staff costs and such are being covered by the sales of the Glowforge, they probably don’t have a 20% buffer. But as a business (with actual $31 Million investors - not just crowdfunding of $28 Million) a profit has to be at least 3% to 4% above costs and taxes just to keep the doors open.

@dan mentioned that the monthly costs (regardless of product out the door) is quite high. The good news is that operating costs are coming out of the investors contributions NOT the crowdfunded monies.


Above and beyond? I don’t think so. Certainly a nice gesture. All that has been offered is only good if/when you get an unit. Until then, its all promises. Assuming the GF does not change the way they report things out, there will be again no confidence that an arbitrary more months will actually get you an unit in hand,.

That would be an above and beyond - change the way you have been reporting out to instill confidence on your user base that is anxiously waiting.

Yes, every week that goes by things improve. Just because you are moving forward does not mean you will hit your goals. We are getting new information from @dan, but also note that this is now 1 year behind schedule.

My brother and sister backed a kickstarter that took, like, two years extra and then they had to pay a bunch of extra money in order to get about 3/4 of what they initially were promised. I think it was $500 extra, so not an insignificant amount (plus side, at that point it was looking like nothing or a class action lawsuit, and I have no doubt they would’ve gone with nothing given how much fun lawsuits are). That’s what kickstarting risk looks like.

I know the delays are very disappointing for everyone, but I think sometimes we gotta put things into perspective. The initial discount that we all got was to offset this, right now – the potential for things to not go smoothly. We already got way more than 15% off.


I dont know about anyone else but I’m already getting a 20% discount on a Basic model, just for having signed up for pre-order. Of course I signed up after the October 25th date, those of you that got in sooner received even more discount.