$15 Pi Arcade Kit


Just saw this today. Didn’t find it already posted. All those mini arcade consoles have had me drooling for a while now. I might just have to build one now.


I’ve had plans to build my own full-sized 4-player cabinet. I designed it years ago. Haven’t cut a single piece of wood for it yet though. I should really get on that!


Thats amazing! I love Adafruit. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice. Something like this is certainly on my to-do list.


Good find. Good price for all the fiddly bits if you already have an rpi & screen.

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Me too. Just need to plan the button layout and order som buttons/joysticks. Any year now.


I’ve got a spreadsheet with all of the Happ Controls part #s in there that I’ll need. But did I see that Happ Controls has gone out of business?!

EDIT: Oh! Looks like they were purchased? Or merged? https://na.suzohapp.com/




Is that using the R pi zero? The 5$one?

If so, sadly all sold out.

15 for the kit, another 15 or so for joy sticks . Not that bad for an arcade machine.

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I’ve been thinking something like this could be fun to make for our vacation rental. Definitely bookmarking this! :wink:

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Adafruit: It is the same size as a Pi Zero, so for really compact builds, this is super small. You can also use it with a Pi 2, 3, B+ or any 2x20 connector Pi.

This is the stepping stone that may get me to cross the bridge to make a retro arcade. Thanks for pointing it all out.


Just to be clear, it’s the “Bonnet” to connect the controls and even sound to a RPi. You still get to pick all of the stuff you want to connect to it.


As the girl who occupies those things on occasion, DO.
My man wants to make one… he loves that stuff. He has watched @iliketomakestuff 's arcade build several times.

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I would be incredibly pleased to find a stand-up arcade machine in an AirB&B.
Even if it took quarters.


You & @jbv may get me in trouble with my wife. :wink:


Hey, communication in advance. Always.
Start building it after she agrees that it would be a value-add for your property.


Where is the challenge in THAT? :smile:


You can blame me, I’m fine with that.

“But honey, some total stranger on the internet said it was a great idea!”

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