150 Piece Puzzle

Created this for my nephew. He loves trains.


WOW! that looks terrific


That is a great Puzzle! Nice Job!


Ooooo, cool! It looks like it could be quite challenging to solve.

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Trains are cool! Looks great, but I wouldn’t want to put it together!

Hi! This looks so good! Would you mind sharing what you engraved this on and what were the settings you used? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum.
The person that posted this has not been active on the forum for quite some time. Also, we can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade material in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. There are lots of posts about making puzzles here in the forum so look for some more current ones.

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Sadly settings can’t be shared outside the “Beyond the Manual”, I think?

This looks AMAZING!