15th century inspired "Butt Song from Hell" project made in part with a GF

I know the title and subject of the project seems silly, but don’t let that deter you from this rather beautiful piece of work. (At least it’s beautiful to me. :blush:) It’s equal part sculpture and musical instrument, and was made using a myriad of different techniques.


That’s amazing! Beautiful sound!

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SMH… My thoughts of the definition of weird have just been expanded, but this is definitely on the side of good weird. Way too much fun and tying it back to a detail in a medieval painting really makes the story.

Wondering if it could be entered in a SCA art-sci?


Isn’t a statement like that just meat in front of hungry dogs? :laughing: We love neat things like this. Nice job.


That is so much fun…sounds really beautiful…and I love that it has an art/history inspiration. Title is pretty darned funny.

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Oh…they have a trotec…I’m jealous :sweat_smile:

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The video certainly helps! Great job!

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One of my favorite paintings! And I adore butts! Great going ladies.

Not the sound I expected a “Butt Keyboard” to make. :slight_smile:

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I really enjoyed seeing what Look Mum No Computer did with it, too.

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