16 oz Bottle carrier

Thank you for the use of the 160z bottle holder. Just received my GF 2 weeks ago and have been playing with your free designs and learning for you all.

I made one of of mdf to try it out and then with the acrylic that came with my GF. What do I use to “glue” the acrylic together? Never worked with the stuff, but loving how this turned out. Do we heat this before using a solvent?
Thank you all again!


Looks nice! If you use a solvent like Weld-On or SciGrip #4 on the acrylic, be careful, because that stuff gets everywhere. I hate it, but it actually melts the parts together.

(No, you don’t heat it first.)


@Jules Not sure if you’re using one, but if not try an applicator bottle:


I also used SciGrip 3 rather than 4. It does get a little messy, but its controlable with some practice. Squeeze the bottle slightly before inverting, then let it expand again as its upsidedown. This can help prevent unintended drips.

Also, do not use this over a self-healing cutting mat. It melts away the print on the top layer and bonds it to your project. Don’t ask me how I know.


I was syringe-ing, and it squirts out rather uncontrollably. (I have some of those squeeze bottles, just haven’t done an acrylic project lately. I do hope they work better.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been avoiding doing acrylic projects needing glue. Bought the syringes … Might buy the bottles before I give it a go.


Welcome to the club. Keep up the nice work.

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