18" acrylic outdoor sign - gluing to wood support - what glue to use?

Made some large OUTDOOR acrylic signs for a local business. They are mounting them on wood. What would be the best glue to not only hold them together, but to last in the weather/heat/rain, etc?

Thank you!

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VHB is likely the most reliable solution. It’s designed for mixed materials and outdoor exposure.


I’ve never heard of that. It’s a glue, or a tape?

It’s a whole line of double-sided tapes from 3M, some are commonly available to consumers.

Wood screws w/ rubber washers?

Super glue (cyanoacrylate) is the main one that will bond acrylic and wood, but even the vapors can leave a residue on the acrylic that needs to be buffed out. Not much will stick to acrylic. Some epoxies may work, but it depends. Screws are far better if possible, just make sure not to crack the acrylic by tightening too much.

reason for rubber washers

Thanks, but they don’t want to alter the sign if at all possible.

I think they are going to try one of the EXTREME mounting tapes such as was mentioned above, or a Scotch/T-Rex that is suitable for weather and holds 30/50 lbs - which the signs are probably no more than a few pounds each. Thanks for all the suggestions! :blush: :clap:

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if you are going to use a tape product, make sure to clean the wood surface well beforehand.