1871 Denver Map on Granite

$5 12"/12"/.35" polished granite tile found at HD. Found the image here here with some manual adjustment in GIMP. Took about 1hr 40m all told and I’m really happy with the results. Tried earlier with masking but couldn’t finagle the settings to make it look good.

Super heavy and awesome looking! Inspired heavily by Map on slate - next up is exporting shape files in tilemill and getting more modern road maps.


It came out really nice. You could do an whole series to decorate a wall!

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I use that same tile as a reference flat surface. Handy to keep one around when you absolutely need something flat.


Also you can’t just show a pipe lamp with a filament bulb and not talk about it. That’s just mean.

So… nice lamp, what’s up with that? :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic! Did you paint it or does granite just engrave with awesome contrast?

Great job. Thanks for reminding me of the LOC.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! :grinning:

I was actually thinking that! They’re super heavy however (I would guess around 5lb each)

Fair point! I got it as a gift from my awesome SO for the holidays. Here’s a picture with additional GF detritus as set pieces :slight_smile:


It engraved that way. I’m pretty sure it just blasted through the polish (I can’t imagine that if I did the other side that was unfinished it would be better). I won’t veer into settings but I tried masking with more power and it basically didn’t turn out well at all. I’m going to do more tests so I can potentially spraypaint and then remove the masking


Hmm, granite likes to crack, it’s possible that you cracked the surface like a glass engrave. I don’t want to mess my pristine flat surface up, so I am not of much use :wink:

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Very nice detail in that!
My experience in lapidary from jewelry taught me a polished surface deepens the color, so it wouldn’t have as great a contrast on the back.

I’m located in Lone Tree, the far south of the metropolitan (Park Meadows) area. Perhaps we could collaborate sometime over a beer, or even a ‘glowfest’ with others in the area. :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing that result :+1:


I don’t think so. I’ve been playing with the same granite tile for a project I’m working on. It ablates the rock. More power, more gray color and it washes over so a low power engrave shows a lot of unmolested granite but more power with the same DPI & GF LPI shows more gray/whiteish to a point. A low power etch may show a lot of untouched granite color and a high one a lot. A box may only show a little or even no white when engraved with low power but once you get to a rather low power setting (a 50¢ piece for example :wink:) and the whole box will be white.

I’ve been playing with a photo trying to get it to engrave. When it finally hits the GF it’s b&w so it’s either burning or not. A grayscale though shows the same effect.

I think it’s engraving like ceramic tiles or marble. There’s material ablation occurring which is different than glass (although I don’t have a way to do microscopic evaluation). My 12x12 tile has about 20 tests on it with different settings. (A 2x3 photo)


Very cool. Is the back of the tile pretty flat too? I bought a nice slate tile but the back was very irregular and I had to try and shim it flat before I zapped it.

Super flat. There were some chips on the edges but it was extremely smooth and regular overall!

Absolutely! I think we’ve got a fair number of glowforgers in the metro area.

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WOW… that LOOK awesome!..

Hi there… New to Glowforge and I’m trying to engrave a wedding invitation on granite. Would you mind sharing the settings.


Man, the postage on those will be murder! :confounded:
(Just kidding.)

Quick search yields these results - you might want to read a few to see how other people handled it.