18th cent. French table


Not sure there’s much here to do with lasers but this is a beautiful piece and I’m sure the craftsmanship can inspire.


This is astonishingly lovely, and it’s great to see that it came from my all-time favorite museum, the J. Paul Getty.


Cool! (Love all the hidden mechanisms.)


18th Century Drive Encryption! Absolutely amazing in the marquetry and mechanisms.


One of the first materials that I purchase is going to be hardwood veneers to cut into patterns. My desk has been on jack stands for over a year while I design a new one. I’m planning to make a torsion box desk top with a pattern on it even though it will be covered with papers.


Wow. That is amazing.
There is a guy whose work I have always admired who does period accurate miniatures.
His stuff is incredible, and since he likes making miniature tools and scientific instruments it is doubly interesting to me!

(And no, those are not huge stamps :slight_smile: )


Wow…that’s some beautiful work. (He’s even got microscopic teeth on the hacksaw.) :relaxed:


Any of the Craftsmen of the Year that the Museum honors have produced exceptional work. Anyone interested in these sorts of models that is in or near Detroit the 3rd week of April should spend a day at the NAMES Model Engineering show, usually at the Yack arena. You’ll get a chance to see these sorts of projects in person and talk to the craftsmen that made them.

A couple of my favorites are Rich Carlstedt, who designed and scratch built a model of the steam engine that powered the USS Monitor during the civil war. Another is Louis Chenot and his scratch built Dusenberg model but all of them are worth a look.




I missed that the first time around!


Uhhh! That Dusenberg! :heart_eyes:


Just building a model like that is unbelievable but a fully functional car (including working engine) is unfathomable. I can’t wait to see the V12 he’s building for his boat model.


Also the increments on the machinist scales, and the teeth on the files…!
You know your into new territory when you have to build miniature tools so you can make your model.


This thread led me into a youtube hole, which eventually gave me this horrible video of some really wonderful work:

The soundtrack is… overly dramatic.