1mm Balsa wood


Anyone got any ideas for 1mm light balsa wood (I got a bunch from a friend, about tile sized i.e. 100mm sq).


You could make disposable coasters out of them, engraved to suit a particular event / party. Or slice them into thirds and make book marks.


Mini Topo maps layered with the 1mm balsa.


custom made balsa wood airplanes


Just made some the other day


Engraved tags for gifts.


does anyone have a recommendation for settings on balsa wood
my wife brought home craftwood home from the dollar store
i suspect its balsa


Maybe a mini version of the Cardboard Globe from the launch / promo video?


Box me up a shoe box of it and I will work out the exact settings. :wink:


Heres the notes and settings from the one I did:

Balsa Wood / RC airplane wood 0.06 in thick

Solid black engrave settings so far:
very deep engrave, I probably wouldn’t use often but putting in here just incase you need it: Speed: 1000, Precision Power 40, Convert to dots, LPI 225
medium engrave: Speed: 1000, Precision Power 20, Convert to dots, LPI 225
light engrave: Speed: 1000, Precision Power 20, Convert to dots, LPI 225

Cut settings: Speed 180, Power 20 (works up to 40 power if you need extra but was not needed do not go past 40 and do not leave this unattended ever!)

Photo engrave: To be determined and will be updated once I figure it out.


thanks, perfect!!! Just make sure to set to cut rather than engrave …


Has someone collated a list of settings for different materials? ps Newbie if you can’t tell


if you have facebook you can got to my notes tab on my page: fb.me/freshstartcustoms I have about 20+ there


Would be really good if someone would collate all these and put them in an on-line spreadsheet like Airtable


There are a few spreadsheets floating around – a forum search would probably bring them up. I haven’t even looked at any of them, honestly…I find it easier just to search the forum for “[material name] settings” than to load a spreadsheet. :wink: