1mm clear colourless cast acrylic


Can anyone point me to a supplier in the US ?
I can find it in UK, via ebay, but no sign of it in USA, so I may have to bring some back with me.
John :upside_down_face:




Unless I’m mistaken, their 0.040" acrylic is extruded, not cast.
The cast range seems to be traded as ‘lucite’ rather than ‘plexiglass’, but is only available down to 1/8".
Please correct me if I’m wrong, as the price structure is good.
John :upside_down_face:


You’re probably right. I had two tabs open and probably grabbed the wrong one. I’ll look to see if I can find the other again


I’m now contemplating casting small pieces of my own from a suitable clear casting resin.
Does anyone have any experience of this they would care to share ? In particular US suppliers of resin, possibly UV curing.
Looking to produce pieces about 1" x 6" x thin !


That’s brilliant if it works. Custom colors anyone?


But those are usually epoxy, which as I understand is not recommended in your laser. I believe you can also get polyester resins but they usually cure white, not clear. If there’s a clear curing polyester, I’d like to know of it.


If you could live with 1/16th inch (1.59mm), professionalplastics.com has it in cast. It’s pricey though. $132 for a full sheet 48”x72”.


Is this what you’re looking for?



Thanks! That might be laserable.


If I managed to cast that as a 1mm sheet, that would make a 12"x20" work out at ~ $5.60, if I were to buy a quart, to get the free postage.
Mmm, food for thought.
Thanks Arnold.
EDIT though I’m still more attracted to the idea of uv catalysing, I must admit.


Ah, just found this, but haven’t read the small print.



Looks like fun stuff to try! Keep us posted on your testing.


I wont be reunited with Glowfinger till the beginning of September, unfortunately, but that does give me lots of thinking time !