1st 3D Engrave

Finally got around to playing with the feature that I was drooling over while waiting for my glowforge…the 3D engrave.

Tried it with a photo we took in Rome. Just an average photo but it (IMHO) looks awesome as a 3D engrave!

Loving my new toy! :slight_smile:



Perfect light for a 3D engrave :slight_smile:


Nice depth on that, and great shot! :grinning:

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Awesome! What type of wood are you using?

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Curious to see, but it looks like a piece of flooring.

A piece of sample bamboo flooring :slight_smile: 3/4"


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Oh yeah! Very nice transition from photo to wood.

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That came out amazing and on a piece of flooring! :laughing:

How much cleaning of your machine did you have to do after using this material. My experience resulting in making a big mess.

However, your result with the 3D engrave was great. :glowforge::sunglasses:

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Right!? I’ve been staring at it all day and I love the material cost :slight_smile:


This was solid stranded bamboo and did not make any noticeable mess in my machine…

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would you mind sharing the settings you used? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also interested in the settings. Looks great and I have a similar picture when I was in Rome…a few (many) years back.

Settings sent. I believe if I post them here, the topic has to be moved :frowning:

Great! Thank you!