1st project to gift: Bamboo cutting board

I have had my GF since November and played around with different PG materials and made some very basic pieces, but this is my first project to gift to someone and the first one I feel is good enough to share, haha! I used the settings in the GF spreadsheet and after some help from my husband measuring my material, I gave it a try. No masking and I was really scared at first to try something that I had to take the crumb tray out for, but it I am pretty pleased with the finished product!


Very nice!
And bamboo is not the easiest medium to get a good engrave with. Great job!


Thank you!

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They do turn out amazing :slight_smile: I found that a light sanding with some 400 or 600 grit sandpaper makes those cutting boards have a really premium feel.


That is a nice gift.

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Good idea, thanks!


This is an overall good result.

As for aesthetics, if you don’t like the smoke marks, a sanding would also remove them too.

Of course so would a quick wipe with a damp – not wet – paper towel, either with water or alcohol. The trick is to wipe once, then move to a clean part of the rag, wipe again, etc. You don’t want to smear it around, you want to lift it off. It’ll look far crisper once you do that.


Thank you for the tip!

This is my latest and greatest and my favorite so far. Any tips on what I can do to take up the whole board front? I tried sizing the artboard to 11x17 which is the cutting board size but it didn’t upload.


That’s a hair larger than the max Y-axis size (10.975"). You can shrink to that value and get very nearly the whole board in one run.

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Thanks, Sounds like I need to take a look at the info on the user interface.

When I give a cutting board that has been engraved I always let the recipient know they shouldn’t use the engraved part for cutting. The engraving will trap food particles and the knife will slowly destroy the edges of the engraving. Just something to keep in mind.


Great tip, thanks!

Thanks Ben! I mention this as well. Most of my boards are used for decoration at the moment but an excellent point. Amazon also sells a food quality sealant, but I would recommend using a small keyboard vacuum and a very slightly damp cloth prior to sealing.