1st Run on Glass

This forum is soo awesome, and the machine equally easy to allow noobs such as myself to churn out such awesome projects.

Today’s 1st was engraving glass, after watching half a dozen videos and checking the community for tips this was the result on the first run.

Opted for something complicated to see how well the machine would run (if it were successful) rather than going simple then scaling up…go big or go home approach here hehe.

*Note: Image has been manipulated so the etch stands out, however the final product is very high resolution and clear.


That turned out really nicely.

Did you engrave the top or back side?

Thank you,

Engraved the underside as it was smooth compared to the crackled top layer.

The more that can go wrong the more you can learn at one time, and as was the case the more you know what to do, Are the circles in the corner supposed to become holes?

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Aha I didn’t realize the top had a texture. Very cool.

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I think those are the little pads that are on coasters? Actually, I could be totally wrong, they look like holes.

Those look to me like those small silicone pads that are on the bottoms of coasters, cutting boards, etc. I have an old glass cutting board (which I don’t use) that is as he describes this…pebbley texture on the top and smooth on the underside…and it has those little feet.


Looks great - especially for a first run!


Exactly, no way to know where the process will fail if you don’t push it.
The circles are actually rubber feet for the ‘cutting board’ hehe.


Wait, cutting board? How big is this thing? This is clearly a violation of the universal banana treaty.


Aaah yes the banana scale, well it’s a smaller cutting board, dimensions are 7.5x7.5in :wink:


Oh that’s much larger than I thought. I figured it was a coaster. I like it even more now. How long was the engrave process? Glass tends to go pretty quickly, so what, 25 mins?

if I recall, this was approximately 40mins, as the I had the resolution set to 340.

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Ah yeah LPI ratchets the time up for sure.

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That came out great. The square shape definitely tricks the mind into thinking it’s a coaster…

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