2.5 D engrave

Wow! Excellent work!

Beyond Beautiful :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

I was actually thinking about this the other day. It might be interesting if you had a full, finished 3D model that you could do a front and back view of… 3D engrave the front, cut and flip, and then do the back. It might take a lot of experimenting for the material to get a full meet up though.


That’s how it works on the Shopbot. VCarve has built-in functionality for the indexing so that when you flip the material over it’s lined up correctly. It is a little more tricky in terms of handling the final cutout that frees the design from the piece of stock but with the software doing the heavy lifting, it’s not too bad. GF might want to look at what VCarve does if they decide to do something in this area.

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I was going to say you could use snapmarks to reverse index it if using thin enough (<1/4” material) but that’s a somewhat complicated and closed shape if I remember right. I guess you could score the snapmarks, and then cut a circle around them and flip the material (if your design was centered to the reg marks). Or a few other workarounds.

I’ll have to remember this for double sided stuff on the Trotec — not that I do any double sided stuff :joy: . That vision system just uses 6mm circles for reg marks.


AutoDesk bought and then terminated ArtCam in 2018. The original developers of ArtCam are now continuing development as carveco.
https://carveco.com/ They have a maker version that costs $15/mo. I have not used it.

Jingdiao Precision Machining has a free demo of their ArtForm software that seems to be similar to ArtCam.
Well the installer is in English, but the program is not. Not very useful.


The maker version is severely maimed :cry: the full version is $8k :sob: though that is less than it was. It had a dongle before, but now it wants to check in every so often.

With holes and pins, it could work like snapmarks even if not centered, if the holes were part of the design file. when you flipped it over you would flip the design as well. I have a number of designs that the outside is bilaterally symmetrical and I flip it in the same hole. It would not be hard to have a bilaterally symmetrical outline that was cut away at the last moment,


Love it and seems to me that your work would be competitive for being accepted into juried art shows as mixed media.

What are the engraving specs? Did you use these for the 3 D
1000 speed
80 power
Vary power

Can you tell us where you purchased the 5-inch square Tulip Poplar and Soft Maple from?

Amazing results, what software did you use to convert the file to PNG?

Saved as a PNG and used the 3D carve setting . I could only get the 3D setting if saved as a PNG.

Thank you . The 3D carve setting when saved as a PNG works really well .

I get lumber from a local distributor of hardwoods and exotics .

Used my plotter software called vinyl master