2 Pie R-squared

OK, so today we have 24 folks for dinner and in addition to the travertine tiles I decided that you clearly have to laser engrave the pumpkin pies (because inducing divorce :grimacing:). So after my wife finished baking them this morning, and I had gotten the turkey out of the brine and stuffed with fresh herbs I shoved the pie into the PRU. Of course whenever I am under time pressure it purple-buttons (aiiiiiigh). So with my wife yelling at me to get the salmon into the smoker Right f’ing now I yelled for my son and we made an emergency swap to the forever forge. Since this is the 4th forge I have setup, it was pretty quick. So for folks who want to know how dirty the insides get after this many months (this one was swapped out after about a month when my first PRU’s power supply tanked, so that is since may. Here is the buildup:





Sad to see “Forge Ahead” go, as it was a trusty companion over the last few months, but Valley Forge 2 is in the house.

Now I am going to discuss settings\ (and no I don’t want to move to beyond the manual), so I tried 70% and full speed, which was not enough pewpew.

Because while it looked cool engraving, after sitting for a while it kind of faded:

Second pie is going in at 100%


here is the design


One would think the thermal properties of the pumpkin mixture would be such that your only recourse is to run the laser set to 11 basically brand the surface.

Good luck with the pie experimentation!


I was worried that it would char and not taste good…


One thing I find fascinating is the production unit is half as loud as my PRU was during operation. A welcome change!


I think the engraving faded as it was re moisturized.

Great! I would be yery interested in any other differences you see! This one has worked so well I had considered making an offer to buy this one too. I had been concerned with the operating temperature profile, but since my exhaust obstruction was squared away I have pushed this basic hard enough (cutting for 30 minutes straight) to be certain it will more than fill my needs.


Maybe apple pie crust would engrave better than pumpkin. Delicious, delicious apple pie. And you should probably try a cheesecake. Ya know, for science.


It’s pumpkin pie, almost impossible to hurt pumpkin pie!

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I think that was part of the problem, is that it is a large mass of chilled gel with a high water content, so the laser just can’t compete.


Maybe if you dusted the pie with icing sugar so it was white, the laser would make it dark so it would show up.

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That’s what my wife suggested.


Thanks for sharing! I’m curious to see how the engrave would turn out on a crisp apple pie crust.

Not to be a curmudgeon but couldn’t you have burned a stencil and dusted powder sugar? :sunglasses:

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