2 ply acrylic 1/4" or 6mm for exterior signs

Does anyone know where you can get 1/4" 2 ply acrylic for exterior signage? I can get 1/8" in a variety of colors from Rowmark an Gemini Duets. I would like to make a sturdier sign though. Any hel[ would be appreciated.

No, but it might be more economical to just weld the extremely thin stuff onto a sheet of 1/4"…I’ve done that successfully using the Weldon acrylic solvent cements. You can’t really tell if you are using the same provider for the acrylic color, and no one will notice if there is a slight difference.



If Rowmark doesn’t produce it, it likely doesn’t exist for commercial use.

Many manufacturers offer custom products, but that’s unlikely an economical option unless you’re making thousands of these.


Inventables. They have a LOT of 2 color acrylic.

Read the title or the post. They are looking for 1/4" / 6mm.

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I swear they used to have quarter inch in the 2 color, doesnt look like they do now though.

Seems Rowmark has a 1/4" product but it is not suitable for laser engraving. I am waiting to hear back from them tomorrow. If it looks like a no go I will weld to sheets of 1/8 together. Thanks for the help!!

Or you can weld the really thin 1/32" or 1/16" onto a sheet of 1/4" plain. It’s almost impossible to see the weld at the edge because it’s so thin. (It’s just so much cheaper to buy the thin with the two-tones, and they engrave very well, and much faster.)



For this one, I deliberately made the thin overlay sheet slightly smaller to create a 3D bevel effect at the edge, but you wouldn’t even be able to see it on a larger sign at any distance.


Where do you get 1/32 (or even 1/16) two-color acrylic? I’ve been on the lookout for some for quite some time…

Dang, if you hadn’t asked! It was one of the ones that sells Rowmark…maybe Johnson Plastics? (Maybe it was 1/16" …I didn’t measure.)

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Oh, and that might not be acrylic…it is laser safe, but they sell some plastics that do not burn like acrylic and tend to be flexible. Not sure what they are…but don’t limit the search to acrylic. Search “laser compatible” instead.

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