2 Ply plastic question - Black not too "rich"

I guess I am going to rephrase the original message (edited)

Is there a way to obtain a richer engraved color when using a 2 ply material (red top layer, black under-layer)?

Reason why I ask is because when the engraved gets exposed it looks like a nice rich black inside the house but as soon as I expose it under the sunlight the black turns more into a dark gray but a couple times I have engraved pieces that the black looks super deep and dark even outside (I guess by accident de-focusing?) So, what tips are out there to obtain a very rich color when using 2 ply material?

I might not be following 100%, but if you got a shallower engrave and are having focus issues, you may have accidentally done a defocused engrave. I purposely defocus my acrylic engraves, because it produces a smoother, better looking result on acrylic without having to use a high LPI. Perhaps this will help.


Thanks. I always use the same setting, maybe the machine did the defocused by itself since it’s faulty but I will play around with that and see if I can replicate the richer color!

I will say a number of folks comment that a 2nd fast engrave (max speed) over the area will “clean up” the residue of the top layer - that may also get you that darker underlayer.


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