2 Projects for the Price of 1 Post

Here are two of my latest makings:

Square Pins

Acrylic and Walnut Earrings

The square pins were easy enough to make, they’re roughly an inch and an eighth tall and wide, with a clasp glued to the back. The hurdle was figuring out a way to put them on the cardstock. Originally I thought pushing the needle through the paper would work…then I gave up on that pretty quick. It wasn’t a pressing issue, so I put the project on the back burner until the other day when it hit me on how I could make it work. I made two square cuts about the size of pieces on the clasp, then cut a slit between the two to slide the needle through. The slit isn’t necessary, but it just adds another layer of fun to the overall project, as well as safety (opening the needle less is safer, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

As for the earrings, I saw a cutting board made in a similar fashion and thought, yeah, I can make those into earrings. I added the score line to give it something more to look at it, plus my wife said they look like little people, so the line takes away from that a little :expressionless: The problem to deal with these was kerf. I had to separate the line where the two pieces meet and increase the size, then join the path back. Kerf is a pain, but once you know what you’re doing, it isn’t so bad.


Love the earings!


The earrings are so simple, but they look SOOOO cool. :smiley:
Great job.


Nice work! Dig the earring style of the two materials ‘locked’ together. I aspire. (Read: totally poaching…)


Well I was inspired by someone else, so why not inspire others with my take :grin:


They look great!

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Once again stellar!, I know they are not so in style, but have you considered cufflinks?

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so cool

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Those look pretty cool.

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I haven’t, and you’d be mistaken to think they aren’t in style still! The problem I’d have with cufflinks, is that the design elements start to get too small. Although, it would be cool for a couple to have matching earrings and cufflinks :thinking:

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