2-sided tape supplier?

Does anyone know where I can get some 2-sided tape like they have on the backside of the proofgrade veneers? I have some veneers here that I would like to use, but it does not have that “oh so handy” tape on the back.

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this is the one I would recommend: https://www.zoro.com/3m-double-sided-vhb-tape-6in-x-1-yd-clear-4910/i/G4246277/#specifications


3M makes one - we use it to apply PEI to printer borosilicate sheets… 3M 468MP.
(And that stuff is PERMANENT. Make damned sure you have it laid out exactly where you want it, because you will not lift it again without a crowbar.) :smile:



Whew! They think highly of that stuff!

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3M is the best brand. My day job ùses 3M 300LSE / 9495LE. They buy rolls and rolls. I think 12 inch wide

My company throws out the scrapes so they let me take it. If you PM me I can send a square so you can try it out. Just PM me.


I’ll add my 2 cents: 3M VHB. It’s expensive and comes in different thicknesses and sizes. I think McMaster-CARR even sells flat sheets of the stuff. But it is strong and if my project depends on adhesive, I do not take a risk on non-3M brands.

So to sum it up: you can get rolls of VHB in varying thicknesses and widths on Amazon.

I’ve been running store bought veneer (and anything else flat) through my Xyron for years, bonus: there’s a choice of permanent or repositionable adhesive.

This is the 9" hobby version, if you need wider the parent company makes industrial versions in various sizes. They are popular with package designers and other industries that make up a lot of comps.

Xyron 624632 Creative Station, 9" with 5" Option https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X3EZ5VO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_dtfeAb6379PGV


Did you settle on an adhesive? I just purchased 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP in some 12" x 12" sheets. According to 3M, it is temporarily repositionable. I’ll update once I get it and try it out.

No I did not find any supplier in Canada.

Thanks for the update. Have you ever used this service:


Disclaimer: I know nothing about them other than that the company I purchased from (Zoro) uses them for those outside of the US that wish to purchase from their company.

I’ve used myusaddress.com successfully to receive my GlowForge.

I’m contemplating using it for other things. But it’s a 2 hour drive to go get my things (or I can pay to have it shipped, but the shipping get expensive that way).

It was a while ago, but just wanted to mention that this was the final nudge I needed to buy one of these things. Now in addition to wood and acrylic trinkets, my house is filling up with stickers and magnets!


Hurrah! Add a Silhouette Cameo to your tool army and you’ll have even more stickers going the house :smile:

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Heh, I got one of those last year. And of course that begat a drawer full of papers and glues and all kinds of fussy little craft things. I really should just open up my basement as a makerspace. None of these tools and materials are being used to their full potential due to my lack of creative ability.