2 Simple Christmas Ornaments

Here are a couple of simple ornaments I did for family and friends this week

I’ll upload the files too if anyone wants them
2nd xmas ornamenta (1) 1st xmas ornament rev


Seem to be having trouble uploading the artwork Hmmm

The Gearing up one is really fun.


They look wonderful.

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here are the patterns in PNG if anyone wants them. Still working on learning the systems here.

The Santa has a reverse on it if you want to cut on the back of acrylic


Your files are there, just really tiny (add an extra zero to the dimensions of the image when you upload). Also, the bitmaps are stripped by Discourse when you upload to the forum. Your best bet is to place the .svg into a zip file and upload that. This will ensure that your file uploads unaltered.

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Thanks, still learning…everyday

Thank you!!