2 Years ago today!


This was apparently the day I found out about Glowforge. I certainly didn’t think I would be still waiting for it 2 years later, since it was supposed to start shipping in late December of 2015.

I’m glad to see the Pro Shipping schedule move off day one. It needs to move 15 more days to get to mine, and then the wait for delivery!


I sure hope you get your’s soon so I can get my referral bonus. Until then, the invitation is still open for you to come over and play at my house.


Hey, we share that purchase date! Two years ago today I ordered my Glowforge. It’s been a worthwhile endeavor. Here’s hoping for continued success!


I’m actually an Oct 15 purchase, I had to check finances, and pull in some cash.

Oh, the things I did. Shameful things…


Nice shirt, though.