2 years and then 1 short week!

Like many others here, my estimated “shipping” date bounced around over the past month, but then last week it took a jump closer by a full week - and then I received my golden email on Nov 28 and UPS tracking on Dec 1 (today) with arrival time of Dec 6!

My guess is one of a couple of things happened. Either a bunch of those units that were piled up waiting for further inspection got released or someone(s) at the end of the previous batch canceled and propelled me forward into the tail end of that group.

I had zero hope that I’d receive my GF by Christmas due to the average 4-6 week turn around, but it looks like it’s just going to be 1 week.

I have so much unrelated client work to do, so this next week (heck, month!) may not be the most productive on other fronts…

“Sorry, Ms Client. I don’t have your other projects completed. But here’s your logo in acrylic!”


Yeah, something happened that is benefiting many of us. My “shipment process start date” jumped a full month from the end of December to end of November from Monday to Tuesday. And I have already received the email alerting me the PG package is on the way. The actual GF should not be far behind. Such good news for the holidays


Well congrats! :grinning:


I haven’t gotten any shipping info about the proofgrade shipment. From what I’ve seen here, they’ve often been showing up unannounced.

if you have ups my choice enabled on your address, you’ll get notification from UPS. i just got the GF proofgrade notification today, while I had the UPS notification on Wednesday (with arrival date of today).

Right - I do have My Choice enabled and use it every week. I got the notification for my GF delivery, but nothing about the PG.

that’s weird. both showed up in mine and the PG before GF.

I received my Golden Email about 4 weeks ago. I received my Proofgrade over two weeks ago, still haven’t received my Glowforge or the tray. Not an email saying it’s shipping, nothing on UPS MyChoice, and no deliveries… I just want it now! :slight_smile: