"20% faster" claim on Pro vs. Basic. Why?

In the marketing blurb for the Pro vs. the Basic, a claim is made that the Pro is “20% faster”.

What accounts for the speed difference? Any details in the differences to optics and actuator?

For one, it would be more full power results in being able to use more speed to get through the same thickness material.


There haven’t been many, but the little we’ve heard supports the idea that the majority of the speedup comes from the increased power which means that at full power the speed will be faster for the same cut. Unfortunately this means that for the biggest time hog, engraving, it isn’t typically faster since they are often not at full power.

One other way that pros are faster is they don’t have to pause to cool down as much. And for the same reason may be ready for the next job faster.

The motion system has some upgraded components apparently, but so far this appears to have nothing to do with speed.


Right. And so far we haven’t made use of the upgraded linear system components.

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Thanks. There was some armchair consternation about the 20% claim in a random laser cutter group with leanings to claiming GF is slowing down the basic for arbitrary marketing reasons.

I called BS.