20"x28" 60w Chinese Laser Cutter

Hello! I took the plunge on a Chinese laser to hold me over until the glowforge is ready.

It got delivered today and looks great. I’m going to check the wiring tonight/tomarrow and make sure the grounding is sound. Then il make sure the mirrors are aligned and by Windows laptop comes Monday and hopefully il get moved into the workshop this weekend so it will be ready to go (knock on wood)

It has a 20"x28" bed and has a 7" Motorized Table

More pictures soon


That’s the exact model I was looking at a couple months back. It’s pretty nice.

As a sidenote- Glowforge should get a commission on these 3rd party sales. I am sure these manufacturers where the only ones happy about the delay.


Is that a lathe I see? Man, I really do need a bigger house!


A glassblowing lathe! 5" through bore :). The laser is moving soon



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Do you do scientific glasswork?
I was always fascinated by what a skilled craftsperson can do with some tubing and a glass lathe.

My brother in law is a glass blower, and I love hanging out at his shop watching him work.


Oh man, I have seriously considered one of these. I’m excited to see what you do with this!


That’s a great size. I use one that size in my MakerSpace. It’s great for when the K40 isn’t big enough or I want to put a bunch of stuff in a single run.

Where did you get this one? Ebay? Looks like it’s got room on the end to pop an extension box and drop an 80W tube in there when you go wear out the 60W.


Yes! I love glassblowing, I do a mix of scientific glassblowing and a decent amount of art, Il post some pictures later :slight_smile:


What exactly is scientific glassblowing?


Yea it has panel on the side ready for a larger tube/extension box
I got it on Ebay from a US warehouse which was nice

Looks great on first look, Il see how the mirrors are aligned this weekend

Here is a picture of the interface on the side, USB’s, table up and down buttons and all that.

It has a connection on the inside for a rotary attachment :slight_smile:

The table up and down mechanism

Checkout this passthrough slot! lol

CO2 Tube, rated for 50w true and 60w peak, so probly more like 45-50w max

Laser Head


All that cool glassware that you see in chemistry labs? That is scientific glassblowing.
Well a lot of the simpler stuff is mass produced, but the fancy condensers and such are often hand made.

It takes a ton of skill and practice.


Cool link!! I’m in love with that site now. You share fine links, sir!


Very nice! I looked at that model as well, but decided to go as cheap as possible, since after the 'Forge arrives it’s essentially going to be a paperweight.


I dont agree, If I had gotten a k40 then that would become a paper weight, the working area on this is much larger then the glow forge and upgradable in a lot of ways. This one has a lot of benefits over the glow forge unlike the k40.


please keep up the reports, lets us know how well this one works.

Will do! Im going to turn it on today and make sure all the motors are working. The laser will go along great with my Shapeoko CNC


I agree, this 60W model has a lot of features I wish the 'Forge had. My plan is to sell the K40 to someone local once the 'Forge arrives.


Wow, I always thought it was done by machines to be more accurate or something. Cool stuff.