2017 shipments (and Hawaii shipments with the rest of the USA?)

On 2 October 2015 I ordered a basic with filter and upgraded to the pro model on 14 October 2015. Which date will be used to determine when I get my glowforge? Also, I live in Hawaii so does your shipping department consider this international or USA - i.e. will I have to wait longer to get my glowforge because I don’t live on the mainland? It was not really clear from your live chat today on whether the pro model is being tested at this time. Is the pro model being testing now? Will the pro model ship on a different schedule from the basic model? Will the glowforge I received in 2017 be the glowforge promised in the kickstarter campaign video? You have already downgraded the cut width from 12 to 10.5 inches. Since I initially planned on using it for 12" x12" paper, I am having to rethink if it will still work for me. EXTREMELY disappointed in yet another delay, especially since I thought I would have it a year ago!!! What is the likelyhood of me getting my laser by March of 2017? June 2017? August 2017? 2017???

Couple of things.

1.) omg all these hawaii people. hawaii + lasers, i’m pretty jealous.

2.) upgrading doesn’t affect your place in line. if you want proof he’s said it countless times in the forum.

3.) the downgrade is only to 11.5 inches on production units. pre-release units are not accessing the whole bed at the moment. additionally, your 12x12 sheet of paper will /fit/ in the bed just fine. it’s the cutting area that’s an issue, and you should be able to move it around and finish your cut thanks to the camera previews.

4.) one exclamation point or question mark conveys your meaning just as well as four.


I was with you until #4.

Punctuation can be fun. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s how we got emoticons! :telescope:


Yeah, but there’s a gulf between !!! and :slight_smile:


It’s probably my age of the internet use showing, but liberal use of !!! to get the point across has never bothered me. In professional settings, sure, but this is a forum, and I’ve seen worse.


@palomared001, I’ve seen this pop up for Hawaii residents recently. Anything I could say would be conjecture. @jrnelson already clarified the cut area, so you might just wast to drop @Rita an email at support@glowforge.com and ask specifically how Hawaii is being handled. Though @dan is on the forums a lot, this is technically speaking a users forum, so if you need a quick answer an email would probably be your best bet.

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I can tell you right now they probably won’t answer shipping questions, though. I’m half desperate to make sure they won’t ship via UPS Ground to Canada, because it would, no joke, cost me an additional $700 in brokerage for no reason (UPS Express has free brokerage), but they can’t even do that.

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true, but since Hawaii isn’t technically international they might give a quick answer. Some of this I’m guessing they are still figuring out so there might not be an answer to be had yet. I would guess that Hawaii probably won’t so any of the pre-productions just because of the shipping cost, but then again, it would be a way to test your packaging viability for international shipping without worrying about customs and the like…glad it’s there job and not mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually this: !!! = :scream: or :astonished:

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I changed your title - the question of “when” has been gone over quite a bit but the Hawaii part hasn’t been specifically addressed, as far as I remember. I think it stands to reason that Hawaii Glowforges will be shipped with the rest of the US. I don’t remember having seen this disclaimer…


October 2.

We’re not announcing “intermediate” dates for shipments (for example, people in such-and-so location get it sooner than the other), except to note that international locations may be particularly challenging. But if, for example, we discover that a particular state has a specific challenge - for example, local regulations, or a shipping strike, or something else - they could wind up taking longer. We’re just working to get everyone shipped by July - lower 48, Hawaii, international, and all.

There’s only one schedule, which is that we’ll get them done by July 31 - and try to do much sooner. We expect production Pro and Basic at the same time.

No. When it is ready, we’ll send an email like this one except that it will have all the details of your production Glowforge. It is in most ways better than the video, with a few shortcomings, including the 0.5" reduction in bed size.

I don’t blame you. I’m so sorry we let you down.


Dan, I’m excited with what you’ve said! The company and you have busted your butts and are coming out in gang busters now!
With what all of the PRU users have said, you’ve delivered on developing a product that won’t let us down! I ordered late, but if people have waited this long for a superior product, they should be elated!