2020 Dumpster Fire Ornaments

Well, not a lot to say about this year, except maybe “good riddance.” For you masochists who want to relive the tragedy that was 2020 every time you unpack your Christmas ornaments, I made something fitting. Without further ado, the Ornamental Dumpster Fire.

It fits 2" flickering battery candles. Or, hey, 2" regular candles if you want to add “investigated for fire insurance fraud” to your 2020 accomplishments list.

Dumpster Fire


I love that! Way to run with that meme!
What a great share, Welcome to the funhouse. :sunglasses: Your sense of humor will be most welcome.

Naw, that list is already too long. I’ll pass on that, but your file share is very generous.


What a fun design for an unfun year. Thank you.


I see you made quite a few! Thanks for the share.

I like this for two reasons. First it’s a nice ornament. Second it will make a nice storage box for stuff. A twofer!

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:smile: What a cute idea, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you. Hoping by 2021 we can have the fire out.

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I was thinking that some dry ice around the lights would be a nice touch.

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Thanks for the share… it’s a very appropriate ornament for the year. Let’s all try to avoid the house fire situation, though!

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Aah, good thinking!

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Awesome and 2020 was quite the S*^& show.

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Great design, Thanks for sharing! I’m new to Glowforge and just have one question…how did you get the 2020 in there?