2022 graduation picture frame

This was designed for a 5x7 photo. I have not made this one yet. But, I have gotten many awesome designs from here and wanted to contribute.

graduation picture frame 2022|353x500


Just in time for graduation! Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


Got a photo of the finished product?


Welcome to the community! And thanks for sharing!

I cleaned it up a bit and made it easier to use on the :glowforge:

graduation picture frame 2022 (2)


Very nice, thanks for the share!!!

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HI =) I would like to know what program you used to ‘clean it up a bit’? Do you have something akin to AutoCad?

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I just used Inkscape.

Loaded the original design, changed the viewport and some of the colors (to give a proper order to cutting and engraving) and lined each piece up so it would fit on the :glowforge: bed.


Nice share! Thank you!

Thanks so much–just what I was looking for!!

Thank @coll7j it is their design! I just cleaned it up a bit.

OK. Thank you so much. The reason I asked is because I found a different file (somewhere) on the interwebs and it had the info and instructions (listed on the bottom left) in the same format. The file of which I refer was a 3D illusion file. I am trying to figure out how to create those, so I thought that the ‘instructions’ may indicate a particular app / program being used. If you know anything about 3D illusion image creating, I would LOVE for you to share. Thank you so much!!

Oh! Those instructions are created when you “export” from the GFUI.

I loaded the image into the GFUI to test it and exported it. That is what created the “instructions” in the corner.


This is wonderful and it came at the perfect time! I have a friend of my youngest graduating this year and this will be perfect! Thank you so much!

Again, not my design. Thank @coll7j

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Thanks for sharing!