2nd Photo Engrave Help

I am trying to engrave this photo on BB I ordered off of Amazon (woodpeckers brand) and it is coming out horrible! Previously, I have done my photos on PG bass wood and they come out beautifully. I wonder if maybe I should try and engrave w/o masking?

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From my limited experience engraving with masking on is difficult. I would try without masking for sure.

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Can you share a photo of the results? That might help with giving you some input on what to do.

Definitely without masking. There’s really no good reason to mask an engrave, and quite a few reasons not to. :blush:


L is the photo from engraving with BB from Amazon. R is how a previous project I posted came out using the PG basswood. Both were masked.

In my opinion, I don’t think the masking is the problem. At least not yet. It looks like the settings are not appropriately set for this material. It looks way over burnt. I would increase the speed and lower the power. Just how much, I couldn’t tell you. You will most likely have to do some tests. It’s possible to flip it over and do smaller testes to dial in the settings. Unless someone on here happens to have some settings for this particular material for you to start with.

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You’re in luck, check out #9:


Per this: image you’ve got it set to Vary Power - likely the puppy was done on Convert to Dots.


If memory serves, when I did the coaster of my dog it was on vary power. It was using PG basswood tho.

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