3-D Acrylic Glass Laser-Engraved Edge-Lit Car



.Gorgeous multi-colored edgelit sign - using layered acrylic with colored layers inside.


Beautiful piece!


Wow, that guy is quite the artist!


Very nice layering of multiple pieces of acrylic. Interesting he calls it “acrylic glass”. A 9V battery powering 12 (12VDC) super bright LEDs? I would spring for the 12V rechargeable…He is a very good artist. - Rich


“Acrylic glass” has much more gravitas than “plexi”


I love the way he layered the different colors.


This is really nice. I need the laser-lady to break this process down so I can make one!


Based on the description I think it’s very carefully cut out of the clear base and then also cut out of a colored piece and then the colored cut out is slipped into the clear base. Can’t think of another way to interpret “inlay” of colored acrylic


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